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17U ABD BULLDOGS - Mattingly World Champions
16U SOCAL BOMBERS - Mantle Runner Up
12U SAN DIEGO STARS - Reese World Champions

Welcome the the AABC West Regional official website.  The American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC), West Region consists of the following states: Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Northern California, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Southern California, Hawaii and Baja, Mexico....

The basic policies and aims of AABC are to enlarge and advance the scope of amateur baseball by stimulating interest and competition, and to provide a sound, experienced organization to assist local groups in obtaining the maximum health and citizenship values.

The AABC is travel baseball with states, cities or areas organizing their own franchise teams and leagues. Local officials will organize their own leagues, establish their own league rules, play their own league schedules throughout the regular season; then, if different, will comply with the national rules and regulations as defined in the AABC Official Handbook for State, Regional & World Series play.   Note: The AABC recognizes state border boundaries but does not regulate leagues by any boundaries.

The annual AABC national dues are $30.00. State and local league fees are established by each State and local league, respectively. The AABC League & Team Registration Form can be obtained from the national website at www.aabc.us

Thank you for the inquiry into AABC West Regional Baseball. It is hoped that the information in this website will assist you in selecting AABC as your youth Baseball Program. If you have any additional questions, please fell free to contact me at (626) 437-9696
, or by E-mail at bha@aabcwest.com